Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Comments

Hi Everyone, I'm posting for the weekend comments. Remember, if you haven't had a chance to read this week's daily posts and want to leave a comment, then just come back over here to this post and leave your comment here. That way everyone will have an opportunity to read and share.

This has been a good week for me to be able to re-study the material on prayer. No matter how basic things are, the scripture is so good that it bears repeating for me, and hopefully you've enjoyed "my take" on the basic foundations of prayer. I think there are a few more posts on this subject of effective prayer.

If I don't get a chance to comment on each of your comments, please forgive me. I'm not ignoring you. I read each comment and so appreciate the time you take to leave them.

Brenda left a comment that I didn't get a chance to address, and that was on rebuking the enemy when I was trying to pray in the past and I was being bombarded with condemning and painful thoughts. She was "right on" and a subject I hope we can discuss soon; Spiritual Warfare. Something not everyone is always familiar with, but so needed.

If anything else is on your mind, or if you have questions concerning anything I have written feel free to ask. I'll try to answer and explain. Also, if there is subject matter you'd like to discuss, let me know.
Hope you're off to a good weekend. I'll be checking back throughout these next couple of days.

Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday!


  1. Good Morning Debra - I do have a question about prayer. How does one know the difference between times we are "thinking" and when we are truly praying to the Father. Throughout the day I try to be in a prayerful mode - talking silently to the Lord, praying for people or situations. How do I know I not just thinking and that these are directed to God? I know God knows our thoughts and heart.

  2. Debra, thank you for your well wishes for my recovery after my medical procedure... I'm back blogging full time! :)

  3. Good question Rebecca, I've been through this situation where I had a lot on my mind and I would be "thinking" and considering and generally rolling things around in there, when one day the Lord let me know I had not been praying only worrying. So to me I now try to be "intentional". Not just thinking directed to God, but actually asking or speaking in my head or even out loud at times. He is a "person" so I try to think of Him that way. Even though He can read my thoughts, I still try to respect Him by addressing Him.
    Now that doesn't mean I go around all day talking out loud by myself LOL, but you know what I mean. I do try to stay in an "attitude" of prayer, which to me means always close to Him and "in touch". so that if He needs to say something to me or me to Him, it's just "there".

  4. Debra ~
    Thanks for doing this wonderful thing ~ Your blog is beautiful because your heart truly seeks the Lord. I joined your followers because I want to be a part too!
    And please pray for my friend Linda N. She is battling brain cancer and is a lovely sister in Christ. Thank you ~ XXOO ~ love you gal!

  5. Hi Debra. Rebecca pretty much touched on what I was thinking about too. After reading Effective Prayer: God Calling on the 13th, I was thinking about how often I think of things and wonder later was that the Lord trying to tell me something or was it just my own constant thoughts getting in my way. I'm an going to spend more time praying for discernment in trying to understand and listen for God's voice to me. I will also be working on praying more directly and intentionally to God. I believe to be able to identify the messages from God, I have to seek him more and learn to listen. This doesn't come over night. I believe the closer my relationship becomes the more I will be aware of his spirit.

    Your post on Effective prayer: It's a two-way street on the the 14th had me thinking. I like to print out the study for the day and then take it to bed. It relaxes me and the house becomes quiet and then I can concentrate - for a moment before the peace of God is so relaxing that I start drifting off. So what I chose to do this week is the same with a twist. I still take my lesson to bed, start reading, fall asleep in a calm peace, wake up, read some more and back to sleep. The difference is the next day I take it to a quiet table and re-read the lesson. That way I enjoy relaxing with it while being prepared to study the words the next day. This works for me so far.

    Fridays post on Effective Prayer, A.S.K. was right in line with where I am. I have been working on asking without fear of judgement lately. As you know I've been having lots of issues with not feeling worthy and I am working hard at trying to overcome this. This is a very uncomfortable area for me. It's funny how I can look at anyone else, even the worst of the worst and think God loves you as you are and is waiting to help you, yet I have trouble accepting myself. I've got a long way to go but I don't have to go it alone, by the Grace of God.

    I'm so happy to hear that Annie is making such good progress. I look forward to more updates.

    Hugs....Tracy :)

  6. Oh Debra, I almost forgot. I'm enjoying the basics of bible study. I don't know about everyone else but sometimes it's good to take a fresh look at the things we learned as children. Usually they will take on a much deeper meaning.

    Love, Tracy :)

  7. Debra - I like the concept of being "intentional", and I do address the Lord by his name in my mievnd when I am praying silently. I just want to be certain that I am not being neglectful. I like what you said about being respectful and treating the Lord as a person. I know I like it when someone calls me by my name and not just abruptly speaks. And truthfully, I do pray aloud alot in public (not real loud) but now that everyone is walking around talking as if to themselves on wireless phones it doesn't seem so strange! Pretty funny, huh?

    Tracy, thank you for your interest in Annie. I do truly appreciate this network of sisters in the Lord we have found to share each others burdens and encourage us to keep reaching for the Lord.

    Rebecca Spencer

  8. I'll give Laura from "White Spray Paint" the credit for bringing the word "intentional" to mind. If you have time read her New Years Eve post. It is her "word" for the year and such a good one to be mindful of.
    Hope you all have had a good weekend. I have the post for tomorrow ready. When I told my husband about it he said "Whaaaattt?" I may just post it and give you all a head start!

    Hi Mary, hope you'll come back and visit regularly!

    And Katie, I know Katie personally, we live in the same town, she is wonderful, sweet, so pretty and an amazing artist, not to mention a great school teacher. Visit her blog when you can. Hi Katie, dear, so glad you're here!
    love to you all!


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