Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The "P" Word

Have you heard me say in the past, that I am not preaching to you? I hope you know that. Each one of these posts is given to me by God, for me. Then I pass them along to you, hoping that what I have been given, you might find relevant for yourself. God is that way. He sends out His Word and it does not return void.

Isaiah 55:10-11
10. "For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth, And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater; 11. So shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding [in the matter] for which I sent it.

In the past I have been a very impatient person. I have laughed with several of you about my lack of interest for a big creative project like quilting or knitting, or just about anything that cannot be completed in one sitting. I have been the queen of "Instant Gratification". Sometimes this can be a good thing, but most of the time it just sets me up for impatience, frustration, and irritability. Because inevitably when something takes longer than I think it should, then my gripe-y side rears it's ugly head. Anyone else out there know what I'm talking about?

Galatians 5:22-23

22. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23. gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

James 5:7-11
7. Be patient, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains. 8. You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. 9. Do not complain, brethren, against one another, that you yourselves may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing right at the door. 10. As an example, brethren, of suffering and patience, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. 11. Behold, we count those blessed who endured. You have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome of the Lord's dealings, that the Lord is full of compassion and [is] merciful.

I think my biggest long-term "project" has been my health. Believe me, I have heard it all, done it all...remember I am a Pentecostal, Charismatic, ....whatever. I've stood in healing lines. Prayed for others in healing lines. I've confessed and believed and confessed some more. I've read the Word every day, quoted scripture everyday. I've done everything there is to do. yet....

I know why God has allowed me to "remain" where I am. He is teaching me patience among other things...and to stand firm. Now, I will be the very first to say God does not put "sickness on us". "He healed them all", so I have the very highest resolve for healing, but I also know there are factors out there that pertain to the individual. If we are going through something, and we all have our "somethings", then sometimes God "allows" us to be tested and refined. He can allow us to "go through the fire" somewhat to "clean us up" and purify us. It's during those times we need to stay faithful to God and His Word, to believe it, and then to be patient waiting for His right timing for it to come to pass.

Malachi 3:2-3.
"But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner's fire and a launderer's  soap. 3. "And He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness.

So right now I am trusting God, learning patience. Examining myself, my life, my motives, etc. and waiting...waiting to see God's Word accomplish that which it has set out to do. As in the words of Beth Moore, I'm allowing God to teach me His "Sufficiency" for each day, as well as His "Supremacy" in healing.

(Just a note to those of you who are new to this blog or my other blog, Common Ground. Seven years ago with 3 heart attacks and triple bypass surgery, I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. With me it is not because of "lifestyle", but do to an hereditary condition from my Dad's side of the family. At that time God stepped in and saved my life when he healed an aneurysm and a dead heart. It was a "death sentence", so I know about God's miraculous power for healing. But I also know what it is like to walk out every day with medications and restrictions. I continue to trust God that He is in control and that "by His stripes, I am healed."!)

I want to thank each of you that are following my posts, and even more so since I have now made a commitment to post daily on this Bible Study Blog. Thank you also for the ones that have linked back to me and on your blog list. I have said this is not for me, but for the spreading of the Gospel, which is what this blog is all about. So thank you in advance if any others of you decide to become a "follower" or one who links up with me. Remember that I appreciate you so much and that each day someone new finds this blog.

In great love,


  1. Sometimes the healing comes looking different than we expect. Sometimes we might pray for an area, but the healing comes in a different one. As for you "remaining" where you are, maybe physically for now, but you are not "remaining" the same inside.

    Thank you for your posts, your heart for God and us.


  2. I'm a impatient person. I've learned though, that when praying for more patience I need to be specific otherwise I end up like Job being tested to the max. Without hardship and conflict, how else will I acquire it? Of course, motherhood is great training ground for gaining and losing patience.

  3. Debra, wanted you to know I'm walking right along with you daily. I am loving that you are posting daily and I too will stand with you for your healing!

  4. I am really working hard on the self-gratification thing myself...I really want to be a good example to my children & I do not want them to learn that as a way of life....SO DANGEROUS!

    I do love your miracle Debra! It is so good to be reminded of the miracles he has performed for us over & over agian! I never want the awesomeness of His involovment in our lives to not excite me!

  5. Debra~~
    Thank you for this post. I can related to what your saying....Having somethings chronic daily..I know that God speaks....2Co:12:9: And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

    I am also fully persuaded that 1Pe:2:24: Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

    I thank God for His faithfulness to me.
    Blessings, GG

  6. Thank you for that post.
    It definitely touched my heart and reminded me of his word to "wait upon the Lord."

  7. Good morning! This hits home today. As I have mentioned before I have been given the word Peace to pray on and have each day for at least a month. I was unsure who's peace I was praying for and was praying for my daughters homes where the peace seems to desolve often. Then I decided I needed to pray for my peace of mind and heart when everyone calls me with all the difficulties they are living with. I have to say that since Saturday there has been less peace in my family's lives then in weeks. Starting with hubby's snowmobile accident and continueing with two of my daughters. Then I took a deep breath and thought about what was happening and found where these things were leading to a different peace. It would be a very long post to go into detail, so just let me say I need to be patient.

  8. He is looking for fruit... thus ...he was hungry and cursed the fig tree. Patience and longsuffering and then self almost sounds abrasive...I thank Him for enduring me...hard pills to swallow...
    good word for today, I suffer with chronic back pain from a fall I had years ago... sitting in front of my computer makes it worse... suffering keeps us compassionate, I think it comes in seasons, some are longer than others.
    Thanks Debra!

  9. I was told I'd never have children. I resigned myself to the fact that God knew better than I did and His plan was for me to be childless. I then conceived and birthed a healthy son.
    I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease and told I'd be on medication for the rest of my life. I resigned myself to the fact that we live in a fallen world that's full of diseases and generational curses. I believed that God does use medications and Doctor's to aid our quality of life and bring healing to our physical bodies. While on the medication for three and a half yrs., God healed my thyroid and I've been medication free since.
    I was told last year that I had high blood pressure and would be on medication for the rest of my life. Within two months, God healed the root-cause of my blood pressure and I've been medication free since August.
    On the flip side, my eyesight is such that I have to wear glasses to see - and my eyesight is worse every time I go for an exam. Why would God heal my barrenness, my thyroid, my blood pressure - and not my eyes?
    I have no clue. But I do have the wisdom to know that in everything I go through, God equips me to feel compassion for others who are struggling - and to produce maturity in me and spiritual fruit from my life. I know that if He answered every believer's prayer for healing - we wouldn't need 'faith'. Faith is the substance of things 'hoped for' and the evidence of things 'unseen'.
    My faith is strong enough to believe for complete healing while trusting that God's plan is greater than my own. If that makes sense?

  10. All I can say is AMEN and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!

    Thank you so much sweet girl!!!

  11. Dear Debra,
    'Just wanted you to know I was here today.

  12. Hi Debra
    I learned a long time ago not to pray for patience...I think we have probably all learned that one the hard way but I have found as I have gotten older it is a little easier. Sometimes I don't understand God's purpose because "I" in my infinite wisdom would have done it differently. Right now I am standing still to see the salvation of the Lord. We all have different circumstances whether it be a physical healing or a circumstantial healing and to hear from God when you are standing can make all the difference in the world. So I urge you to listen to what God is saying to your hearts. I have just come out of the wilderness and I am so glad to hear God's voice. It is so true Debra what you said at the beginning of this post...God speaks to you and in return to others. He had a word for my sister this week and in passing she told me this morning on the phone and when she told me the circumstances it spoke right to my heart...funny the word was "sit back and watch what I am doing and see it come together". It was pertaining to her new business but I knew it was for me also. And now another confirmation from your word today! The Lord is Good.

  13. Your words are so true Deb - I thank God He knows our hearts and that were are mere flesh and yet strive to be more like Him and to want His will for our lives. It is so hard to wait and walk in chartered waters, but thank God He gives us His grace on the journey. As you know we are praying daily for healing for Baby Annie - God is doing miraculous things in her little life. She has recovered from pneumonia, and a collapsed lung and her blood count is up. She also weighs 5.5 oz now so she is growing nicely. Our big concern now is still the brain tissue and fluids there. We are praying that her brain will develop the tissue and she will be whole. We are also praying that God will show mercy and also that He will give us all the grace to accept His will for her life if it doesn't match up with ours. No matter what - He is good and we praise Him.

    I love being in this study with you and the others. Its encouraging to see what God is doing in each of our lives and that He is what binds us all together.

    Rebecca Spencer (Should I start referring to myself as "The Other Rebecca?" Hahaha!

  14. Hello Debra, love that word PATIENCES, it is all in God's timing. Just have to be patient and receive them...... L. sandi

  15. Wow, you all, great comments. I see I'm not the only one that needs this. LOL. Wait till you read tomorrow's post!

    Mary, yes, "remaining" in our hearts is the main thing, and sometimes when things are not going the way we want that is really hard!

    Debbie, please! we don't want you to turn into Job! That would be hard to do the shows if you had those pesky blisters! LOL

    Thank you, Theresa, I love a sister to stand with, agreement is such a powerful place to be. Now if we could just get your computer well!

    Libbie, you are at such a wonderful and important time in your life, with your precious little kiddos. There are times I wish I could do it all again. But you know, God is good and He makes up for all the areas that we mess up in! Thank you Lord!

    GG, thank you, Lord. You are Faithful, GG, we'll be praying for you too, Chronic situations can be so hard. Some days when things aren't good physically, it's a battle for me to remain positive.

    Angelique, so glad you're here! We're with you and are believing for improvement for you each and every day!

    Brenda, it's interesting how God gave you a word in advance...peace, and that you have been walking it out daily and seeing all the facets of what that contained! God has done that for me, and I would be thinking one thing, and then come to find out later what exactly He had meant. He is fortifying you with His strength and understanding.

    Hi Lisa glad your "here"! Blessings, I know you're here every day! Thank you!

    Lee, I'm sorry you are having something to deal with also. Back pain can be so trying. Now we will have to figure something out so you won't quit blogging! As far as God goes. It's really so wonderful that He is so patient and loving with me, otherwise...well, we won't go there. Let's just say He's had His hands full with me!

    Deb, love hearing about how God has worked in your life physically. Our humbleness and compassion for others is so important! I was pretty headstrong and my mindset wasn't right, but when things started happening with me physically I had a real eye-opener. We all need that compassion for others, no matter where they are. And as for God's plan, just when I think I may know what and why He surprises me!

    Cathy, thank you for being here! Blessings, girl!

    Melanie, love, love, love you. Thank you for letting me know. Hugs and love from all of us, Sweetie, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

    Rebecca, thank you for sharing that. As I said, I know we ALL have "something" for which we are standing and believing God. And God is so good He speaks if we are listening we will hear Him. Being open to His voice is crucial. I love the word God gave you. "Sit back", says to me He's taking care of it, and you don't have to worry or doubt! Yea!!

    Hi RS! I'm so glad that baby Annie is coming along. I am praying for improvement every day!
    "Grace on the journey", oh how I love that message. We all surely need that!

    Hi Sandi! Blessings follow obedience, so I know that He will bless us when we are patient and seek to be like Him! And God's timing, wow, that's a hard one sometimes!

    Thank you all for the great comments!
    Hugs and love,

  16. Hi Debra,

    First, I loved what you said on my blog today. It was beautiful!

    Now, I can totally relate to you on the impatient thing...I am such an instant gratification girl, but I am learning.

    You know, I used to wonder all the time about my son with autism, "why can't he just be healed immediatly?", but I agree God is working it out and teaching me patience in the process and I wait with a hope and a faith that one day he will be totally healed, but not in my way or time frame, but God's.

    Thank you Debra.


  17. Hi Debra,

    Finally made it over thanks to a reminder from Deb(white trash)! Thanks for the encouragement and keeping us focused on the KING!Happy New Year!

  18. Oh dear patience...

    I can hear God chuckling and saying, "What are you going to say about that Laura?"

    Well- even though there have been times in my life when I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it, I do know better.

    In my life, it is learning to feel UNCOMFORTABLE- while waiting- on God or the world.

    I have always tried to ease that discomfort.
    Not good.

    But as they say- when I knew better- I did better.


  19. I find my patience runs thinner the older I get. I especially get rattled when there is too much noise or chaos going on around me. I so crave peace and quiet on a daily basis. I seem to have inherited my dad's genes, but am hoping that I might be able to avoid bypass surgery like he had when he was 45. I will be 44 next month and so far, my cholesterol runs a little high but has never been a cause for a concern -- and believe you me, he reminded me all the time to take care of myself (that was when he was still talking to me -- but he hasn't in years now -- but that's another story). I am due for a women's wellness checkup to make sure all the working parts are in order. This is a reminder that I need to take care of that. So glad that you are here and continue to be a source of inspiration to all of us. Blessings for a warm and wonderful day. Tammy

  20. I truly believe that there is no one more impatient than me. Not you, not anyone. And it has been one of the biggest crosses in my life. Has caused me more heartache and disappointment than I care to discuss.

    I give a situation to God, something I want Him to handle, and in my impatience I snatch it back from Him, frustrated that He has not acted quickly enough to suit me.

    No pithy comments or pearls of wisdom this time, just a plea for your prayers that I might learn to wait upon the Lord, thereby discovering His perfect peace....

  21. Oh how Anne (fiona and twig) seems to read my mind...Thank you Debra for a great post. I LOVE the dog picture - made me smile and made me think how I wish I had more patience. Sometimes I just am screaming in my head when I happen to get behind "dwadlers" or "shufflers" in grocery store - you know the types.

    Those who seem to have all the time in the world to read every can of beans and push their cart in the middle of the aisle so you can't really get around them and just as you almost past them, they slowly push ahead of you and shuffle SLOWLY, PAINFULLY SLOWLY down the center of aisle to read the box of tune mix in the center of the aisle and just as you open your mouth to say "excuse me" , but you really want to scream, MOVE IT!!!!, they toss the tuna box in the cart and push it SLOWLY again down the center and there you aisle hell. I can say "hell" right? I mean, I think that's okay? Oh, maybe I shouldn't have. But that is what it feels like. Slowly, ever so slowly, trying so hard to keep my cart off the heels of the shopper who is in zen heaven in front of me.

    But, then I round the corner - FINALLY - and zoom down the next aisle, only to see a mom with her mentally challenged toddler. She is struggling with not only the toddler but a busy 5-year old too. Later, I see an elderly man with a cane who really seems to be in pain. In the parking lot, I see a woman waiting for the bus in the freezing wind, while I load my groceries into my warm car. It is at those moments when I feel the most humbled (and stupid) for being so petty and impatient because my world was turned upside down for a whole 5 minutes because someone in front of me wasn't going fast enough with her cart - how dare she slow MY day down!

    What God must think of me in those moments. Patience is something I need - quickly!

    Seriously - I hope God is patient with me. Please keep me in your prayers.


  22. thanks for the thought provoking post, debra:) patience has always been a huge challenge for me. hugs and prayers to you and your husband:)


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