Monday, August 1, 2011


This is a word that's in my head and spirit today. I woke up with the whisper of it in my ear.
"What do you need to say to me, Lord?" I asked.
Again the word came; this time with a thought that I needed to investigate.

Most days starts off fine. A little of this and that. A sit down with a cup of coffee and a blogging session that can sometimes last into the afternoon.  I have household things that need to be done; a load of clothes in the washer, kitchen dishes to be put away. My time is abundant, it's how I choose to use it. "Getting things done" can lead to time spent accomplishing everyday things, but neglecting the one thing that really is of the most importance in my relationship with God, and His desire to work with me.

So what does the word "justification" have to do with what I've said here?

I have time alloted in life, as we all do. What are we as individuals doing that enhances our relationship with the Lord? On a daily basis, what are we doing with our "time" that counts in eternity? Reading daily Bible verses and  time spent praying for others? Although that's good, because praying for others enables the Holy Spirit to work in thier lives, but I'm talking about, what as individuals are we doing to enhance our own relationship with God?

It's about a time spent alone with Him when there's nothing "on the agenda". When it's about quality time, and yes, even quantity. Five minutes can be good, but even fifteen would be better.

Now, on to "justification". This is a word used in many circles to express and define our Christian experience of salvation. Our being made right in the eyes of the Lord. Our sin being paid for by Jesus Christ on the cross.

But the concept of what I'm feeling about "justification " in my spirit today is: How often are we concentrating on God Himself?  He longs to be with us and just see us face to face. Looking at our own loved ones faces brings us great joy. So as our Heavenly Father goes, He feels the exact same way with us. He longs just to spend some one-on-one time with us. I need to put away the prayers for my health, worries about the future, etc. and just concentrate on Him.

By having this alone time with Him, I'm justified , and made right, in His presence. Spending time with Him is what He longs for. Deuteronomy 4:24 says, "For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God." Not jealous in a negative way, but as in strongly desiring our attention. Just like a lover who wants to be with His beloved. In His presence leave the place of our daily "existence" and get away with Him for a moment. It provides the plan for our lives. Just being in His presence enables us to refill and recharge, to receive revelation, and find security in His arms. How to do this? Just ask Him, He wants to show us. Christian music, maybe just quiet and solitude; an open Bible and an open heart.

He's able to take care of all our needs and give us the desires of our heart. He's just reminding me that I need to focus on Him, and let Him become one of my great desires.

love in Jesus,

(If this seems a little "ramble-y" it's because this came straight from my spirit, from God's heart to mine. When He's talking I try not to change much. He loves to communicates with us, just try having a pen and paper with you when you are with Him. Let Him share His thoughts with you.)