Friday, September 16, 2011

the daily walk

I just love it when God blesses you while you're walking your daily path. It just let's you know you're in the right place and His right timing. It shows He's interested in what we're doing in our daily lives.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at my friend Debra's Fall Open House at Inspirational Home, taking photos for my blog when someone said "hello" to me. I didn't think I had met her, so I walked over and asked if we'd met before. She at first from a distance thought I was the other Debra who owned the store, but when we started talking she realized that I wasn't. She is new to our town, from California, and didn't know many people. I mentioned that I had a blog and she stopped me saying, that she read my blog and knew who I was. She continued telling me that she'd been reading this blog also, and that God had put me on her heart to pray for. Talk about a God moment! What a blessing! We chatted for quite awhile, exchanged cards with phone numbers and email, then we had to have a hug, because it was so evident that this had been a God "setup"!

I used to be so intense when it came to seeking God's will; wanting to know what lies ahead, how to plan, having the future laid out...know what I mean? This last several years I've just asked God to not let me make mistakes in His plan for my life and to make sure I'm doing and being in the place I need to be.

How wonderful to have confirmation in the little things, knowing that each day if I follow God, seeking Him, He makes sure I'm on the just never know who'll you'll meet!

love in Jesus,