Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Comments and a little more on the subject...

Hey Everyone!
Hope all of you have someone sweet to celebrate
Valentine's Day with,
even if it's your favorite pooch or kitty!
The main thing to remember is that Our Heavenly Father
has promised us all His love and affection,
so if you are without "human" affection
 with a spouse or loved one,
just know you are not alone, God is there!

I walk around with guilt alot of the time, over one thing or something else. I try to be diligent and do everything "well". Just know that I feel bad by not responding to each of you like I had in the past.  Each and every comment from you is so very important. Not just for me, but for everyone else out there. So just because I'm not personally responding on the comment form, please know that I read and pray over each one of you, thanking God that you are there, reading and responding to His gentle nudges. Please don't ever think your comment is not important, because it is.

I have to admit, that posting every day has been a little of a challenge for me. I know that you all don't get a chance to read every post. If it were up to me, which it isn't, I'd be posting a few times a week and giving you time to digest what is being said. As I said, I am not in charge here, God is. I know this is an exercise in commitment and study, not just for me, but for some of you as well. I know there are people out there that are reading this that need a life line, just like I do. So for some of you that are here, but never comment, I want you to understand that God is doing this for you just a much as for those that leave a comment regularly. I'd love to hear from some of you. I'd love to have that personal connection with you.

For those of you that read my other blog, Common Ground, you may have read where I will be moving into a larger flea market shop space next month. I had gotten to the place that I was "neutral" in this matter. I could let it all go if God so desired. But He saw fit to bless me with a "desire of my heart" and that is to stay involved in this junk business that I love, just a little longer. This has been part of my time "consumer" as of late. I know alot of you "professional junkers" spend way way more time involved in this than I could at this time. I've been home alot this last year, and now God is moving me "out" a little more. Just wanted to share some personal "stuff" here.

I love you all so much. Last week I was really feeling down, and you helped me realize there is a bigger purpose in this than to just sit down and write for an hour or so. I think there is a book or two in me and God is training me to be disciplined in the area of writing.

OK, enough of me. This last post was a little hard for me to put out there, because I know a few of you are personally dealing with some trying issues. Please don't think I'm being trite and condescending to your very real and difficult situations. You all are in my prayers. I know God is working in your lives.

* I removed a comment that I had made concerning Smith Wigglesworth as I realized this was written before I "checked the facts". I had written something that I heard someone else speak about. Good lesson here. I need to verify something before I write about it. I apologize to all of you, I will be aware of this in the future and not make a statement unless I have better researched a biography.



  1. Wow, that is hope& encouraging !
    Knowing that all the abuse and what God did in Smith Wigglesworth's life !Amazing testimony !

  2. i don't usually comment though i do so love your bible study blog.
    but after talking to you on the phone i feel like i simply must comment now that we're REAL BFF'S. lol
    your bible study may be a lesson in discipline and commitment for you from God, but He is also using you to reach so many hurting people that you simply must realize what an impact you are on many lives and not become weighted down by the fact that you have to post every day. i wonder if that makes sense or is it just a ramble? lol
    you are making a difference in people's lives through a commitment that may wear you down at times. God is using you as a mighty vessel. You are making Him proud.
    Keep your chin up, your head down (not at the same time) and continue your good work! xoxo, jan

  3. I planned to read your blog daily since you made this commitment but I have been away dealing with my own personal "stuff" and have been slowly catching up ~ your words today are one's I am glad to have not missed. Judi

  4. It can become overwhelming.
    Hugs, love, and prayers,

  5. i love smith wigglesworth stories and rarely hear them
    any more.

    thank you for your diligence and care to feed us each


  6. Debra-

    The lesson below on judging is sometimes an issue for me- even though it is primarily in my thoughts.
    Rarely is it verbal, but that doesn't make it right.

    This lesson reminded me of something I was told by a wise friend.

    Place your hand in front of your face.

    You only need to worry about what is in front of you.

    Thank you Debra for your commitment.


  7. Thank you. I just love visiting your blog and getting spirtually inspired by HIM. Thank you~lulu

  8. Thanks Debra that is a helpful lesson for me today. My hubs is a Christian but I have not been able to get him to join me in going to church but a few times since we were married. I had actually just gave up asking. He is glad that I go, that is not his problem. He is just very selfish with his time and the first to admit it. So after reading this post I will start asking again since I have finally found a church that I really enjoy attending since our move two years ago. I posted my favorite song (my favorite at this time) on my site early this morning. Come on over and enjoy!

  9. I check in pretty regularly Debra....But, like Judi....I find life has become very busy these days and just to muster a hardy Amen at times is whoo hoo.... Blessings Sister!
    Hugs, Ella

  10. Just want you to know I am still here Debra. The word of God is like life blood and I truly appreciate your thoughts and admonitions. Keep on Keeping On. It seems as though families and women in particular are under such attack these days. We need the constant feeding on the word to stay strong. Love Rebecca S.

  11. Dear Debra. Wonderful words that seem to be written directly to me. I'm sure we all feel that way. But God does use you to touch each and every one of us with your messages. I know this must be an incredible amount of responsibility for you but how amazing that God has entrusted you and works through you. Please don't let yourself get or feel overwhelmed or carry any guilt. I can feel it in my heart that God has something very special planned for you. Just look how your readership has grown to nearly 100 in such a short time. God is working miracles and God is using you to do it. I will continue to follow you and would love to be able to do something positive for you. All I know to say right now is thank you, my dear, dear friend.
    Hugs...Tracy :)

  12. Hi Debra,

    I am finally getting around to having a few moments to enjoy catching up with some of my friends' blogs.

    I am interested to know where you got your info from on Wigglesworth? I've read and learned a bit about his life and I didn't remember reading this before.

    Could you please let me know?

    Thanks and God bless,


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