Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Ready...finally.

Today is the start of a new "day" for me. I have been considering this idea for a while, even though I knew I should just go ahead and take the plunge. I'm finding that I have somewhat neglected my time with God since I started my blog, Common Ground. In the past, time would fly as I journaled and studied the Word. Now I sit at a computer screen more hours a day than I would like to confess. So, I've been thinking of an online Bible Study. I'm not exactly sure how this will play out, but I know the time is here. No more putting it off.

I will say, if you want to comment, please do. I want this to be interactive. Questions, thoughts, ideas, opinions, they are all valuable to me. I'm not going to get into any doctrinal or theological debates here. This is just my "quiet time" opened up. So if you'd like to comment please just keep it non-confrontational.

I am a born-again Christian. Spirit filled, 10 years ago. To those who may not be familiar with that terminology I'll just say at that point my life took on a new dimension. I totally laid it all down for God.  I ceased to be the center of my existence and God became my top priority and focus. I believe in not only the "fruit of the Spirit", but also the "Gifts of the Spirit". All of them. God doesn't change. Man changes. I won't argue this, or debate this. I do not argue with my experience with my Father. Believe me, when I was still going to a Baptist Church, God had plans for me that totally rocked my world.

I was raised Southern Baptist. I've attended Methodist, Presbyterian, non-denominational, Assemblies of God, Word of Faith, and Four Square churches. To me, the criteria for a church should be preaching and teaching of the Word of God, Praise, Worship, and not being confined to a "plan". God likes order, but He prefers that we let Him lead the service. So having said that, my husband and I are not in an "organized" church at this time. We consider our "relationship" with God the priority. That does not mean that tomorrow things might not change. We are open to whatever and wherever God leads us. "Lead" is the operative word here. We follow. He leads.
This is totally so NOT about "denominations". There are no "denominations" in the Bible. I want to be open, open to what God is doing. I hope you do also. So let's leave "denominations" at the door. We can state what we are for reference sake, I'm not saying no to that, but I want us to be, as I like to say.... on Common Ground.

I want to keep these posts the appropriate length. So I'll let the Holy Spirit write them. There probably won't be any pictures unless God impresses me to find one. I love a good picture, but this is about something else.
I'm also going to try to set up a prayer request link. I'll try to accomplish this soon.
I may not follow what we think of as a set Bible Study. I'm going to share with you what God is sharing with me. It may skip around, it may stay on topic for awhile. Honestly, I'm not sure. I don't have the plan. So we'll see where this leads. I'm setting up a followers connect. If you're interested, please sign up. Let me know you're out there. I use a NIV Bible, New International Version. It is translated word for word from the original Hebrew and Greek, and I'm most comfortable with this. This may be daily, maybe not. It may be once a week. It may be a verse, or a chapter. So here goes...

October 15, 2009

"A Samaritan Woman's  Encounter with Jesus"

If you'd like to read John 4 this will be my first subject to read and consider. This is a chapter that I have spent alot of time in. God has given me alot of spiritual insight through this encounter with the Samaritan woman. So I will leave you with this.

John 4: 4-6  "Now He had to go through Samaria,...tired as He was from the journey, he sat down by the well."

I'll be back soon.
love, Debra


  1. I am so...glad you are doing this Miss Debra!
    I have been feeling a little guilty lately...several mornings in a row I checked my email...comments before I read my daily devotion...I can't let this NEW love take me away from what I feel strongly convicted to stay true to...My relationship with the Lord.
    I have had so much fun...getting to know new friends and getting "out" to see what others like myself are doing.
    I have had something happen lately that has left me feeling like it's about a great blog post to some and not about reflecting what's going in our own lives...Not being authentic. I never want to allow myself to get to that point...My walk is real...not something I talk about to fit in.
    I hope I'm not babbling...I do that sometimes(ADHD)
    But Thank you...I must not have been alone in my you are.

  2. Debra, this is something I have been giving a great deal of thought to as well. I will be a follower for sure...I don't know how much I can contribute, but it's wonderful to be able to read along and learn.
    I've been trying to remember the quote from the movie "Oh God" where George Burns is asked what is the true denomination and he replies "The Heart" (that's not a direct quote, but close enough) That pretty well sums up where I'm at. I'm Southern Baptist raised and still attend, but that doesn't mean I totally agree with all their doctrine. Each individual has to reach their own peace with God and it's not up to us to judge.
    The prayer request list will be wonderful as well. There are so many that it's hard to remember. A list will help tremendously. You know how I feel about the power of prayer. My family is a living testimony to the wonders He does.
    I'm so excited and I can't wait to see where He leads you and us!

  3. This is wonderful...count me in!!!

    God bless you!!!

  4. Debra - Yes, yes, I know it will be so edifying to all of us. Who can get enough of the Word?! I tried to sign up as a follower but today my follower "thingy" will not work but I will as soon as it gets right, I will sign up. In the meantime, I'll pop over and check it out myself.

    He will lead and bless....

    Cynthia K.

  5. Hey Debra. I'm so happy to be here and look forward to being a part of this with you and everyone else. I was raised United Methodist and still consider myself Methodist to this day. I spent time going to the Baptist church plenty growing up here in the South. My parents were very open about letting us go with friends and experience other churches, Morman, church of God,Church of Christ, Presbyterian but like I said I still consider myself Methodist. I have a love for people and love to hear about others experiences with Christ. I'm always open to learning something new.
    Love, Tracy

  6. Well good morning Debra..........thanks for reading my samaritan post, and liking it!

    You are such a sweet person to want to include me in your study, but I am currently doing that otherwise, and would certainly not be able to spend much time here -
    but thank you for thinking of me.........
    have a great experience!!
    p.s. if you want to link my post you can - it's okay......

  7. I'm here... I have put you on my blog roll, so I can keep up. I need some Christian friends in my life, especially right now... sometimes I feel so alone. Thanks for taking on this Bible study.


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