Monday, June 10, 2013

Is there anybody out there...?

Have you ever asked that question? 

Sitting by the bedside of a sick child...lying in bed awake, when sleep won't come...when you've done everything you can trying to work on a marriage...when you're down to the last dollar and you don't know how to pay the bills...when you're lonely and frustrated and feel like things will never change... Have you ever looked up into the night sky and asked, "God are you there, and if you are... do you hear me?"

I think we've all been there at one time or another. Even those of us that "know" God. Those of us that walked down the aisle of the sanctuary and made that "public profession of faith". I'm Protestant, so that's how we do it. If you grow up in the Church, then usually it's when you're young; grade school, or junior high. Oh there are a few holdouts...sometimes high school, but most of us make some kind of public decision when we're young. But then comes marriage and a family and then all the life problems and situations that come with adulthood. You've been away from "church" for awhile...being a grown up...on your own...things to do...places to go...people to meet. Life.

And then one day you find you cannot do it alone. You can't see where it's all going and you've hit rock bottom. you're alone, by yourself, and there's no one...not one person you can count on to fix the mess that you're in. 

Ben Canales via Google Images

Are you that person?

I had a strange request from the Lord today. He said to me, "Go write a post". 

Lot's of things have happened since the last post I wrote. My husband has had inner ear surgery for the Meniere's Disease, and is doing well. He's had a long hard road to walk with this, but we knew surgery would be necessary. He's improving every day. I haven't posted much because the truth of the matter is that I've been "waiting". I just needed to be quiet and let God lead in this health situation with my husband. It's been consuming to say the least. I felt that each post would be geared around this health problem and I didn't want to be a broken record. We've had faith for healing, and God has been doing that. Thank you, Lord!

But today I heard the Lord speak to me several times about writing a post, and all I knew was that someone was asking that question...

"Is there anybody out there?" 

And the answer...?

Yes, He's there and He hears you.
He hears you and loves you and wants you to know you're not alone.

Matthew 6:8 "...your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."

Jeremiah 33:3  "Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know..."

and if you need someone, I'm here too.

in Jesus' Name,


  1. Your a blessing Debra. Love the reminder.

  2. Thanks! I love the bible verses. That was/is what I need today.

  3. This is wonderful and that you said what God was prompting you to say being faithful. When my son 24t went to church this Sunday for the first time in a long time got up to leave the sanctuary a man setting behind him said thank you for your faithfulness. He said I am not sure why I told you this but God has been prompting me ever since I have been setting here to tell you this and that for your faithfulness you will be rewarded. It was wonderful and I am so great full that he followed what he was told to do because it will make a change in my Sons life. Giving God All Of The Glory!!! And God Bless You!

  4. So thankful that He is always there - always. People come and go, fail us often, but God is our constant.

  5. Thank you for today's post. I am waiting for a promise. Blessings, Martha

  6. Glad you acted on being prompted. Your post is encouraging. When I realized no one but God could satisfy my life has been richer and fuller. Never being alone and able to lean on God for wisdom, strength and comfort is better than anything this world has to offer.

  7. Great post. In the midst of my grief, I know He is there but sometimes all I hear is silence and that deepens the pain..I know His grace is enough. Dianntha

  8. Debra, I pray he's healing well and that the surgery was successful! As I get older, it just becomes so much more obvious to me every day how God is always with us...people who don't believe, I sometimes baffled at b/c it is so obvious to me! I cannot comprehend their distance. Even when I feel alone, I feel that at least God understands my heart, if no one else does. He's my best listener.

  9. Debra, thanks for posting. I have been waiting to hear from Him. God is always with us. All we need to do is ask.
    It was an answered prayer.

    Blessings, Carol

  10. Hi Debra, I have enjoy visiting you. Wishing you a wonderful week-end. Carole

  11. He is always there for us, and when we stumble He is quick to pick us up and dust us off. Best wishes for great results from your hubby's surgery.

  12. I find it interesting that I stumbled upon your blog, as God prompted me yesterday (although He has been trying to get my attention for quite some time) to exit facebook and return to blogging and writing. I take this as confirmation for me to refocus and follow His lead. It's nice to meet you..I will be back.


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