Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Power of One Word...Grace

I want to share a quote with you from a book I am currently reading. But before I do, I want to make an admission. OK, maybe we can just call it a "confession". And that would be that since I started blogging my reading has been almost non existent.  I used to devour books: I'm talking Christian books. I'd spend hours in them, then looking up scripture and taking notes.

I love to study the scriptures, and to "dig" in the rich and fertile soil of God's Word. Now I wouldn't just read anything, I'd pray first for God's direction in leading me to what He wanted me to read and study. Sometimes it would be a new release by a popular Christian author, then sometimes it would be a book by an author that has been in Glory for years. Prayer for direction is the key. I don't want to waste my time on reading something that isn't "Truth". Just because it's by a Christian author doesn't mean its scriptural. Does that sound harsh? Let me explain. There have been several blockbuster books written by Christian pastors and authors that the Holy Spirit would not give me permission to read. Books that sounded good on the outside, but deep down were not God's heart; they missed the mark. Literally hundreds of thousands of books sold to hungry Christians that in reality were only one man's opinion, and that opinion was limiting of who God really is. And if there's something that I've learned in the last 15 years, it is that we cannot limit God. Not in His powerful love for us or His ability to work on our behalf. When at a later time I read those books, I felt like a black cloud was hanging over me. God was minimized, and "standardized".

So that brings me to the quote from the book I'm reading. Relentless by John Bevere.

"Grace is God's empowering presence that gives us the ability 
to do what we otherwise couldn't do in our own ability."

Such a simple statement, but one that can completely change our way of thinking about living our life.

Most of us think of Grace as God's free gift of salvation. Salvation that He gives us that is not earned or merited, but that is given to every believer in Jesus Christ. That understanding will get you into heaven, but what if the word "Grace" is more than just that one "gift". What if it is a deep well of knowledge and understanding; a place that has limitless possibilities for us in our Christian walk. Who wouldn't want to go to that well each day and dip out the "Grace" needed for what is ahead. The Bible says that Jesus is our "Living Water". He is the embodiment of God the Father's grace to us.

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So today I just want to leave you with this. First of all "PRAY" for God's direction daily. Ask for what He wants to share with you, and be open to act upon those daily revelations. And then just as important, to seek Him in His "fullness", without limiting who He is and what He can accomplish. If we know Jesus Christ as our Savior, there is unlimited favor for us. There is Living Water to refresh us each day. Then, be open, be brave, be expectant.

Acts 4:33 And with great power the apostles were giving witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all.

to be continued...


  1. I love the image you chose to go with this post and love the image of God's abundant grace pouring over us.

  2. We are all walking lucky to BE here...a miracle that we were even born....looking forwatd to your next spiritual post!

  3. Wow Debra, I love your honesty. I just found the book MENDED, by Angie Smith. It is a powerful revelation of God's true love for us ladies...and I am in tears at the end of each section every day.
    I will have to read Relentless...

  4. Great word, Grace......
    Thank you for this post today.

    I need to give some those who hurt. And God will give me the power to do that.
    His grace is sufficient, more than sufficient.


  5. thank you debra... i am blessed that God gave me the GRACE to start St.Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry last May... i have received such great rewards from this 'hobby' i love that comforts those in pain... my new friends are my new family in prayer & stitches!
    ^)^ linda

  6. Beautifully, wonderfully said.

  7. WOW!!! Read your blog today and I feel "CHURCHED!" Inspired is an understatement, and your words are so refreshingly eloquent! Thank you for sharing your giftedness with the world...You truly do have a gift...

  8. So, very insightful and inspiring.
    I agree that everything that is presented to us in God's name is not always what it seems . . . maybe a wolf in sheep's clothing. That is where prayer for guidance and wisdom comes in. I can not go a day without it.
    I am delighted to have found you.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. Always love to hear of God's grace to us, we hardly can scratch the surface of His unfailing love... as Christ followers I think we so readily say and speak of grace that it becomes rhetoric instead of the all consuming, heart crushing, on your face realization of how deep God's love goes to all His creation. At times I hardly can speak of it beyond a whisper and I am flooded by His overwhelming love and I would be consumed if I understood but a glimpse more of His grace.
    Blessings to you my friend

  10. That is a powerful definition of grace, and I too ask God for direction. Sometimes I know I could improve my listening ability, listening for his answer.

  11. Love this! Needed this! Thank you!

  12. God will definetly point you where he wants you to go. A friend of mine at work gave me the latest "trilogy" that is out today, let's just say it has the word "gray" in it. I read one passage and cant' bring myself to read anymore. I need to give them back because they are just not my cup of tea. All we have to do is listen and God will tell us. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. So good to find your blog today. I look forward to receiving more inspiration from your writings.

  14. Debra, great need to blog some more please....hope you are well. Karen at acapecodnest

  15. And to think that so many grew up in churches that mostly focused on 'praying a prayer' that was their formula for avoiding hell. What a betrayal of God's Word! They totally missed the truth of the Gospel. Christ came to take the punishment for our sin, rescuing us from sin and death and ourselves! and giving us an abundant life. God's grace saves and keeps. And as you said, why wouldn't we want to drink from that truth daily! As joint heirs with Christ, we are God's beloved children. Christ brings LIFE - daily! I have just finished a great book by N.T. Wright, 'Simply Christian.' I hope you'll have the opportunity read it. Thank you for your good post.

  16. Debra, these are truly beautiful words! I pray every day and ask for God's guidance....I need to spend more time listening...God is so good and always faithful to us.
    Thank you for your words.


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