Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Something New

I've been feeling God tugging at me to head in a different direction for awhile. Opportunity for blessing and productivity comes when we're open to what God wants to do, at the time He wants to do it.  And it seems He is leading me to be more flexible in my posts and subject matter. One morning this week, while still in that early morning time of sleep/dream/awake stage, I heard God say to me. "I want to teach Galatians." That clearly woke me up.

I'm not a Bible Scholar in any sense of the imagination. I'm not big into reading commentaries and other Bible help books. I've found I don't always agree with their interpretation or explanation. So I pray for God to open the scriptures to me, head me in the right direction, then give me the words to convey what I'm understanding and feeling. One commentary I do like and find as an easy read are the books by Warren W. Wiersbe. So I may use a few of his ideas along the way. I love to do Hebrew and Greek word study and I've found that to be more beneficial in explaining the scriptures than "the traditions of men". Knowing background is important, so that's where some commentaries can also come into play. Just want you to know, I'm not teaching from a book, but hopefully going to convey what God is saying to me, then passing it along.

I still haven't finished the book study on Victory Over the Darkness, but I feel like it's something for another time. I'm at a good stopping point. There are some important concepts that at some time I want to cover, like forgiveness. As I said at the beginning, this book changed my life, so I highly recommend it.  And really the book of Galatians is about our freedom that we find in Christ. So actually it is a good next place to head.

This has been a hectic summer, with lots of projects and house things. My husband and I have been trying to make up for lost time on some organization and work around the house. His schedule is very demanding at work and so things that have needed to be done to a 27 year old house have gone by the wayside. Yard work and family have been time consumers around here lately (good ones). God has a way of keeping me busy.

I guess I'm saying all that, just so you'll know what I've been up to. But now I feel some clear direction so I guess there's no time like now, to see what God is doing. Getting started with this, I don't really have a plan. I'm glad God has one. This blog originally was interactive, and I'd love to have that again. I know we all are super busy, but if you take time to read the post, please just leave a short comment or thought so I'll know you've been here. Once I asked that you all just say "here". But I'm a southerner at heart so "Hey!" works fine for me. Just as much as I want to share what's on my heart, I'd love to hear what you all are thinking too. It doesn't have to be long or involved, just a thought if you'd like.

So Let's see what God's Word has for us in the book of Galatians. Paul was a prolific writer, sending long letters to the churches of the area. They were read, copied, studied, and then passed on to the next local church. Most of the letters he wrote were to churches he had helped found and establish. He had left a part of his heart and soul in these churches. His care and watchful eye was still on them. He gave them the basic Truth of Jesus Christ, but then he also cared about the progression in their faith. He knew the pitfalls they were headed toward and what they were encountering as new believers. What Paul said to these early churches holds just as true for us today.

The verse that capsulizes this book of the Bible is Galatians 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."

Are you with me?
Ready to hear what God is saying to the church today?
After all, we as believers are the church.
Next time Galatians 1.

love, in Jesus,


  1. i am looking so forward to this "freedom!"

    i'll be back!!!

  2. Wow, very cool! I have been wondering what to read lately and just this morning, I opened up and began reading the first 3 chapters of Galatians!!! I'm excited to follow!

  3. Debra, it's like God opens my heart to you every time. I'm beginning a new journey so I'll be anxiously awaiting further posts from you. What's amazing was a scripture I read on another blog today as well...Proverbs 16:9. Is it possible for God to have a soft Southern accent?

  4. Just to let you know I've been by! Hey! Opening the book of Galatians.

  5. Hey there friend. I am right here with you in this study. I will start in Galatians in the morning. Olive♥

  6. Hey, it's me, Angela. I'm with you.

  7. Every time I read your blog, I feel that it is a personal message from My Father to me..the timing is incredible..
    Thank you!

  8. Looking forward to what's ahead in Galations.

  9. Hi. Looking forward to walking thru Galatians with you. I go to Kay Arthur studies Sept-May; but during the summer, sometimes I hit up some online devotionals; yours will be one of my regulars.
    Thanks for your blog and your Bible study.
    ~ Julie

  10. This ought to be a good study, I do a lesson on Galatians chap 6, I have named it the 2 Bears, giggles and when you get to it you will know why, hugs my friend, and looking forward to the study. Love Warren W. Wiersbe too we have the whole bible from him, OT and NT

  11. Hey. I will drop in on this. As far as commentators, I think there is a balance to be struck. God does raise up gifted teachers. It is one of His gifts to the church. So I believe they have their place. Commentators are often people God has endowed with the gift to teach. The Holy Spirit also promises to guide us into all truth, but He will use others He has gifted too to accomplish this. God bless, and I hope I will remember to return! Will you do this weekly, daily, or what?

  12. Dropped by from Cindy's party and then read on down, i'd like to follow along in Galatians too, it has always been a favorite book.

  13. I am interested in this!
    I will be back,


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