Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are You Called?

"Paul an apostle-sent not from men nor by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead-and all the brothers with me."

Have you ever considered why and how people are called into the ministry? Do you ever feel God call you to do something specific; something for Him with His stamp of approval on it? I have, and I imagine most of you have also. It doesn't have to be a "ministry" with or at a church. Maybe it's as simple as helping out a neighbor who needs someone to take care of their child if they are sick. To visit an elderly friend with a meal or just to send a card to someone who needs to be thought of. We each are called by God to do big and small jobs for Him. It doesn't have to be one with a salary to make it important. And we don't have to feel intimidated by the life of Paul. A "Damascus road experience" is not required to do God's work.

Matthew 10:42 says "And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."

There are a lot of philanthropic people and organizations in the world. Last week we were watching television and some heavyweight business moguls were sitting around the table discussing their organizations. Yes, they were doing it from the goodness of their hearts; there was nothing pretentious or condescending in their giving or attitudes, but my first thought was..."are they believers?" We can give and give until we have nothing left but if it's not done in the name of Jesus, it won't receive heavenly recognition. Now I know we don't do things to receive "recognition or reward", but I want to do whatever I do, in the Name of Jesus. That way I at least know it's turned over to Him and He can use it to further the gospel, and bless others in ways that otherwise would or could not happen.

The word "apostle" means "sent one". And in that sense we are all apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. God has a plan for each one of us to bear witness for Him in a variety of ways. Giving God credit for the things we have received through faith is one way. Living our everyday lives we have opportunity to acknowledge God. Since I've been blogging I've been amazed to find so many Christian women out here that are willing to say the "J" word. JESUS. Not being afraid to admit you are a Christian. We can say that we believe in God, there's nothing "offensive" to the non-believer in that. But when you say Christian, or pray in Jesus' Name, we are all the sudden taking it a step further and out there a little farther on the "plank" so to speak. I've had to overcome being skittish in that area. Say it like it is, and mean it. That doesn't mean beating someone over the head with the Bible, just not being afraid to speak about my faith in Jesus Christ.

And referring to "not being sent from men nor by man", I think we all know the difference. When my husband and I were younger, with a preschooler, we were asked by the educational director at our church to take over the preschool Sunday School leadership. I had taught children before and really enjoyed relating to them, but we were at a time in our lives that we needed to be taught and discipled ourselves. I needed to be in the worship service and have a few minutes away from the 4 year old crowd, not multiplied by 20. She literally hounded us until we gave in. I never felt "called" to do it. I found no "anointing" there and felt out of sync. Each week, even though I enjoyed the children, it was "work" if you know what I mean. I felt no fruit or passion for it. We moved out of town not too long after, and I have to tell you a huge weight was lifted off of me.

I say that, to say this. If God calls you, you will know it. It doesn't always mean it will be easy, but you will know deep down that it is something that you know is right because it just feels right. And fruit will come...and blessing.

I know God is asking me to be willing and ready to be "sent". This Bible Study is part of that. God's been showing me lately that there are "appointed times" for ministry. Certain tasks are laid before us for certain times. Being in the right place at the right time to fulfill a certain purpose. If you've ever read the book of Esther, it is all about this subject.

Ask God this week how He can use you; how He can "send you out", to "preach and teach" the Gospel. I bet you'll be surprised at what He asks you to do. I'd love to hear what God has to say to each of you "apostles" out there. Jesus had the "5-fold Ministry"; apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. (Ephesians 4:12). He gives us that ministry also, maybe not like Him exactly, but an anointing to go do the things He call us to do.
Thanks for coming by, this first time in Galatians.
love, in Jesus,


  1. Good Sunday morning Debra. This post speaks to me. The timing is just right. I am on a mission with someone and you have just encouraged me. Sometimes I get knocked down and knocked back. Thank you for always reminding us of who we really should give the glory to. Blessings, sandi

  2. Amen yes many are called, and the question is what are we doing with our calling? Are we using our God given talents for his Glory? Good message here, hugs and blessings

  3. Good Morning Debra, what a great reminder and message!

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  4. this is such a great admonition, debra. He
    calls each of us to different ministries, but
    we are all called to mercy, forgiveness and

    i guess the trick is listening to His leading
    and walking it out.


  5. We sometimes think a "calling" as something big and special. I have found the small calling is as special to God as a call to the mission field etc. I just want to be faithful and sensitive to whatever He may want me to do.
    Thanks for the post.

  6. Hello friend, I had to wait until I had a quiet time which just started to get to your good study.
    I like your example of when you taught the kids and did not feel called. It is so important to know when to say no. Of course also when to say yes. I was just saying to my good friend and neighbor that the world is full of smart people what we need are more people who are willing to serve others. I better go...I ramble...hugs♥olive

  7. Outstanding Bible lesson, Debra. At 75, I'm not too proud to learn from younger women. Even though I've taught Bible studies for many years, there is always something else to learn in the Word.

  8. It can be so freeing to understand that our Christian walk doesn't have to look like someone elses. God uses who we are and the unique way He made us, to be a light that shines into our world. Sometimes others have expectations of us (or we think they do ) to do Gods work the way they do, or that we should volunteer for this or that. When I do somthing because someone else 'expects ' it, I can become resentful. I struggle with this at times. But when I am hearing in my spirit and heart from God to do something, it comes from a passion and there is inspiration.

    These are good words Debra. Thank you,

  9. I so agree that certain tasks are layed out for us at different times. I think of the passage in Eph 2:10: "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." I am just now entering a different stage of my life. My children are out of the home, my mother-in-law who I spent much time with has now died. I have more free time and I am seeking God on how and what He wants me to do now in this next phase of my life and at the same time trying to listen to His daily callings. Right now, I am not sure of what He wants me to do with the extra I continue praying. Thanks.

  10. Perfect, this is so true...often when I am helping someone I will try to remember why I am....and that it is the name of the Father.
    I am sure that is why He sent me here today.....your post has touched my heart.
    Margaret B

  11. Oh Debra,
    This was a very powerful lesson and gives me much to think about today! I love your preschool story...I relate very well to others stories because it helps me put it into perspective.
    Sending love your way,

  12. Hi Debra,

    Thank you for the lesson. And ladies too - your comments are so thought-provoking. First, I am so glad you brought up the point about saying "God" verses "Jesus" or "Christ." I feel the same way. I have found myself many times saying "God" in public when I wanted to say "Christ" or "Jesus" but didn't because our culture sends out a message that we shouldn't do that. And yet, Allah, Buddah, and any other "god" is perfectly acceptable for some reason. But I have taken a stand and have become more strong (and public) about who MY God is. I love Him so why not name Him? It would be like a parent saying "I love my son" but NEVER, ever saying his name. How would that son feel never to hear his parent say his name, ever?

    I also like your comment about feeling called to do things at different times in our life - both big and small. And when called, we know it. I remember a really small, insignificant calling I had many years ago while living in San Antonio, TX. I just finished filling up my antique booth and was STARVING. I had only a little money on me and a long drive home, so I drove through a fast food place on the way home and got some food. As I drove out and through the parking lot, I saw a homeless man pushing a shopping cart. I stopped for a moment and stared at him pushing his cart. He was so dirty. For no reason or thought, I felt compelled (called, I guess) to drive over to him and called out if he would like some dinner and handed out my bag of food to him. He came over and looked shocked and took it and I will never forget what he said. He said, "You are an angel." I smiled and told him to enjoy and drove off. I realized later I didn't really hear him right. What he had really said was, "You are THE angel." I teared up when I replayed the scene in my head and realized what he had really said because I then knew he was in that parking lot, starving, probably praying to God for some food. And in his eyes, God sent an angel to give him food. And I teared up because at that very moment I realized God had used me completely - to me it was such a small thing - to the homeless man - it was extremely significant. And I guess it was significant to me too, otherwise I wouldn't be tearing up right now as I remember how I felt in the moment to know God had used me as needed.

    I can't help but wonder how many numerous times God used so many people in my life as my "angels." Christ is amazing.
    And so are you, Debra.

    Thank you for your sharing,


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