Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some random thoughts this Christmas week...

Just wanted to "touch base" with all of you out there and wish you a wonderful Christmas.

Last time I posted I was headed to the doctor having had some blood tests. After being off medications for about a month, and trying to get to the cause of my ridiculous skin rash it seems like a sulfa based drug has been wreaking havoc with me. I'm off of that, and the rash is gone. Yay, but all this and a monster cold during the whole month of November, has left me feeling not too "Merry" in the Merry Christmas department.

I've received some wonderful comments and emails lately, thanks so much everyone. There are so many of us in the same religious "boat". Just today, someone who reads both my blogs, sent me a note about her life experiences. Church and family life shape us, and unfortunately negative experiences are so lasting. Even though we love and forgive those that have hurt us, it's still difficult to not let those hard things continue to effect our outlook on life.

I haven't been very good at returning emails and comments so please forgive me. It's not that I'm not interested or care, sometimes I just listen and process. I pray for each of you that comment, and for all of you who come by this blog. God directs so many of you here. Please know I appreciate you!

I'm not a big fan of television, but yesterday morning I had on NBC and was watching Hoda and Kathie Lee. (what a pair!) Poor Kathie has had a rough time of late too. She's had a couple of minor injuries, but the sad moment in her conversation came when music came up of her singing Christmas carols from a past album. She has a lovely voice, and I know loves the Lord. She listened for a moment and then said in a sad, "I'm over it" sort of voice. "Oh that was me when I could sing." Maybe not those exact words but that was the thought. Her words of passing on the "busy-ness" and self imposed expectations of Christmas were so telling. "Let's keep Christmas in our hearts each day, but just do Thanksgiving...twice." The older we get the more our hearts can hold the past. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where "Christmas" isn't the same as in the past.

I know it's so easy to get worn out this time of year. (physically and mentally) I have it pretty easy. I've pared down. I guess what I'm trying to say is this. I know God loves our joy and adoration of the Christmas Season, and children in the house give us a chance to "present" Christmas in a special and magical way. Cooking and baking, attending parties, having a house full of friends and loved ones are all part of the enjoyment of Christmas. I'm trying to let God reveal Himself to me, and how to celebrate the birth of the Savior, individually.

This Christmas has been more low-key for me, and I'm focusing on the fact that the birth of Jesus, was in a "trying time" for the sweet young family. Tired and worn out, away from home, and stressed with the impending delivery, Mary and Joseph were out of their comfort zone, but let God direct them forward. Not really understanding all that they were about to be a part of or witness... The birth of the Savior, and God's Grand Plan in action.

Whatever you may be going through in life, may God's peace, comfort, joy, and strength surround you this Blessed Christmas.

love, in our precious Son of God,


  1. You couldn't have put my feelings about Christmas this year in better words. As I said on my blog, this can be a time of heightened anxiety and sadness for a lot of people. I'm glad you are helping us keep the focus where it should be while acknowledging everyone's feelings for they are real!!
    Thank You and I'm so happy to have God to lean on!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I like to read your precious mind/thoughts about the faith, Christmas, everyday life - you as a woman after Gods'heart. I wish you a real 'meeting' with Jesus at our Christmas. In Him we are worldwide interconnected, His grace brings us together, wherever we live and what language we speak.

    Greetings/groeten: Jedidja

  3. Really the birth of Jesus was a beautiful mess which reflects just how messy life is. I am wishing you peace and a quiet and sure joy. love you♥t

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better and figured out what the problem was!
    We're keeping things low-key this Christmas too. I'd love to say we have the best church and most happy family gatherings, but (keeping it real here) we are a couple of those 'unchurched Christians who have some pretty dysfunctional extended families who don't like to gather with Christians of any flavor. So "low-key" is great with us and we're choosing to celebrate our Lord however the day comes with whoever chooses to gather. After all, it's all about Jesus anyway!
    Praying that you have a healthy, joy-filled, and FUN Christmas my friend.

  5. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Debra,

    You said it so eloquently. My family well most of them are 15 hours away and I miss them terribly. My little family here is my husband and my almost 92 yr old Mother. We had a lovely day together.
    I kept the Lord in my heart all day.

    I wish you a wonderful New Year!

    Blessings and Love,


  7. Christmas blessings to you!!! May your New Year be the best ever!

    I saw the Kathi Lee thing...sniff. Yes...holding onto the past is what we do, isn't it? Time for me to let go of so many things~

    Love to you~


  8. First time visiting your blog...your eloquent post spoke to me in a very personal way. Thank you.

  9. Debra, I just read this post and it is beautiful! So true. Our world is spinning out of control. We live too fast, and do not take time out for God! I wish you and your family a very blessed and Happy New Year!


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