Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Hey Everyone! Several of you have asked about the book I am reading. It's been slow going, and I didn't want to endorse a book that I hadn't read yet, but I'm enough into it to feel comfortable sharing it with you.

The name is  The Big Why by Walter Hallam. It is about his life and his questions after his young daughter was killed in a plane crash. She was only 17 or 18, and was in ministry and college. Such a painful and sensitive subject. He had several encounters with Jesus explaining to him the reasons these kind of things can happen. An untimely death of a child can be life shattering.

As I said, I'm taking my time, because there is a lot of real revelation and thought pondering statements that I am letting sink in. I think the evidence of a Holy Spirit inspired book, is that it not only covers the subject matter well, but speaks to our heart and spirit about other needs. Quite a few statements have given me alot to ponder and pray over. I may share some of with you soon.

(The above link takes you to his church website, but it can also be purchased on Amazon. com.)

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  1. I would be quite interested to read that book...thanks for the link!


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