Monday, May 9, 2011

Am I willing...?

It seems as if I've been somewhat deliquent, in that I haven't had a new post since before Easter. Maybe deliquent isn't the right word, but in reality, God has been leading me back to something that I haven't done for a while,  and that is reading. "Reading" you may ask...? Since I started blogging I let slide something that I really enjoyed and it was a place where the Holy Spirit would really speak to me and that was in reading spiritual books.

I've taken a lot of heat for this next statement, but it's one I stand on. Not only because God asked me to do this, but I also know that it's best; at least best for me. And that is not reading secular books or fiction. I told God about 16 years ago that I knew I was spending more time reading books than I was with Him. Not only the time factor, but that whatever I was reading would literally "take me over". The characters became friends, and the subject matter and frame of reference of the author permeated my mind. It was addictive, plain and simple. Today, I'm not talking about choice of reading matierial, but about listening to what God is saying for your everyday life.

So...I've been reading "God Books" again. (My older daughter used to refer to my mom's religious book collection in that way) Funny, it was my husband who purchased this current book. He had heard this pastor speak on the radio, and was curious about the book. You'd have to know my husband to understand the rarity of this. He works 6 days a week most weeks. Usually 11 hour days. Reading isn't really on his agenda, so when this book arrived I realized it was going to be up to me to read it then share it with my hubbs.

Today I just want to share a thought that made me realize I needed to get back to this, and that was in the book of Ephesians, chapter 5, verse17:

"Don't be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is."

 Pretty simple and straightforward, huh?

Do you ever feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit, many times over and over, yet you resist doing what He is asking? Maybe you don't even know what He might be asking, but you just resist the thought of finding out what it might be. Been there, done that.

You know, God isn't going to beg you to do anything. He comes to us and asks if we would be willing. He leaves it open for us to respond. You've heard the saying that The Holy Spirit is a "gentleman", and it's so true. He doesn't slap us upside the head, well, not usually, but sometimes He does goes "out of His way" to get our attention. He takes His time as a rule and waits for us. Something that has settled in to my spirit is just to ask the Father, "What is your will?" Today, tomorrow, long term... It doesn't have to be a huge deal, earth changing, or even life changing. Sometimes He just has a plan for us that we might not be seeking. I don't want to miss what God has for me because I'm "too busy" doing other things. I don't want to miss a word from Him, or a blessing, or even a task He has for me.

How about asking, "What's your will, Father?" 
Are you willing?

love in Jesus,


  1. Debra, I decided to tackle catching up on reading blogs in my goggle reader all 840 and yours was the first one I read. I can't help but be curious what the book your husband and you are reading.

    I have been out of town, had a lot of company and hurt my back so I am behind. I also have to not let the reading of blogs take over my life. It is a hard balance so I doubt I will finish all the back blogs before many new ones arrive. I agree about asking for our father's will. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. God books are the best aren't they? Which one are you reading? I find Sheila Walsh's books are really inspiring!
    Hugs, Margo

  3. I am afraid I am not very good at reading non-fiction. I do read a lot of Christian fiction but as you say they can take over. My youngest daughter replaced my study Bible that was starting to fall apart with a brand spanking new one, just because, and I seem to be drawn to that new book more. So like Bonnie I am going to ask you to share the book with us your husband brought home. I opened it up to Haggai on Sunday and 1:5--11. I am afraid this is me always thinking of my next project or what I need to be doing in or around my house and not keeping my mind on the Lord. On a side note I am going to the Win-some Women Christian conference on Mackinaw Island this next week. So excited, Speakers are Ruth Graham and Thelma Wells and Laura Story is the special music. Going with my Mom-in-Love, an aunt and my best friend of 30 years.


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