Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Next

This blog seems to have morphed a little lately. I have been unsure of where I've been going, and what I'm supposed to be doing. I know you all have been hearing that, but I just have to keep it real. I'm not good at putting on a show of things being "hunky dory" when in reality I'm at loose ends.

If you all read my "other blog" Common Ground, then you know a little more about me. I love antiques and the whole flea market/antique mall scene. That's how I got in to blogging in the first place. Buying and selling antiques has been something I've really enjoyed for the last 5 or 6 years; well, really my whole life.

I'm not a good multi-tasker, I'm more of a focused individual preferring to concentrate on one subject at a time. If I'm not careful I can wander around all day not accomplishing anything, so I  have to try to stick to one thing and see some progress. Being focused on one thing can be a problem at times, and in the big picture of life, this little business of buying and selling antiques can be pretty dominating of your time and energy. Anything you really enjoy can have a tendency to "take over", but if it's a business, then whoa, watch out!

I've been saying for awhile how I knew things were transitioning, and recently I've had some feelings and thoughts sort of take shape. I've been praying for guidance on what I'm supposed to be doing with my life and for months I've been stewing over what that might be. Well, seemingly overnight I received an answer. Was it the answer I thought?... no way!

For a little more backstory, having been in the antique business for awhile, I've collected lots of stuff. lots and lots of stuff. I love stuff. I'm not a real "materialistic" person, but I just enjoy old things. And my house and garage are proof. I've asked God in a nice way if He would help me get a handle on paring down my "stuff" and organizing not only my house and garage, but my life. So guess what? The direction that He's put me on isn't what I thought it would be, but one that needs to be dealt with first; some things that have taken a back seat, that now over the last several months I see need to be "cleaned up".

When I thought I might just need to call "the junk man" to come and take everything away, God is now given me the concept of doing myself. In some ways it would be easy just to haul it all out to the street and wave goodbye, but for me I'm taking some personal responsibility to get things in order; find balance; and let go. I've learned in life that God does different things with different people. He knows our strengths and weaknesses. Living life is really just letting God be in charge of things, allowing Him to work on us; molding, shaping and transforming us. I'm the kind of person that likes instant change, to cut through the junk and "getter done". God doesn't always work that way.

So I have some direction right now; not what I thought, but evidently what I need. Posts have been sparse, but I'm still here. Hope you don't mind a little of this head clearing, cathartic type of post sometimes. I know the things I go through, you all do too; at one time or another.

So to get where we're going sometimes is a lengthy process. Putting one foot in front of the other. Listening to the Spirit. Waiting. Being open and available to Him, and yes, putting on the work gloves and getting busy on first things first.

What kind of "junk" do you have in your life... physical or spiritual?

love in Jesus,


  1. Debra, I have a lot of thought junk as I live in my head way too much. If I could put these thoughts/plans to action I would help others and my family so much more. I also have a huge old house full of junk but Joe has his hand in that one! loveya♥t

  2. This was a great post Debra, I've been feeling a lot of the same things lately. I'm starting to really par down things in my home, slowly but surely. Thanks for this, T

  3. I had a dream just this week about this subject. In fact...this post has inspired me to write about that dream and what God was telling me. As always, I come here and through you I find affirmation in what I need to be doing.

  4. Beautiful post my friend. I totally understand the clearing out of the junk in our lives both physically, spiritually and emotionally.

    As much as I love antique shopping, etc. and all that goes with it I do not like disorganization or clutter. God has been dealing with me about this in regards to my spiritual life and it's time to declutter and un-junk my heart.

    Thank you for sharing. Soooo inspirational.

    Love to you~


  5. I've been pondering some of the same things...and I've been studying about worship. I read recently that we as humans are worshippers. God made us that way and we are always worshipping. How much of our time is He the object of our worship? OUCH!! I really love junking and blogging...I spend a great deal of my time on those activities. While they are not bad things, I think I need to examine my priorities. I'm not sure where and how to start...

  6. I hear you and have felt the same way. Being entreprenurial I naturally find my mind going in a milion directions with ideas...all fun and good stuff but you can't do it ALL!
    A friend and I finally put together a plan of action to discover our passions, values, and purpose ( now in a new season in our lives as baby boomers ) and then we each put together an individual plan of action. That was a few years ago and I'm still living out that plan. It really helped me be more intentional and while I'm doing what I love, I'm also involved in giving and serving and using the talents and gifts that God gave me without going in a million directions.
    Here's how I've done it: I collect vintage/antique items and with friends, have occasional sales. But we give a % of our sales to ministries we've chosen to support and then we also sell jewelry at our events whose profits support another ministry.We give out information about the ministries we support and information on how they can get involved. So while we are doing what we enjoy we also use our income to support God's work in the world and give glory to God in that way. This helps to keep me focused on my priorities.
    And now I'm working on another blog with a friend that helps other women keep their priorities in order while doing what they love.
    I'll probably be keeping updates on my vintage blog until we're up and running...

  7. Boy, I will just second your post, and all the comments too.
    It is the doing (or stop doing) that is the hard part, especially when it comes to blogging. Too much time spent, but I love it.
    Hoping God uses it for His glory, since I do not seem to be able to stop.

    barbara jean


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