Tuesday, December 8, 2009

...just a little help from our friends

You wouldn't know it from my blog, but I'm really sort of a loner. Not lonely, but a "loner". I'm the kind of person that is happy to be by myself. I enjoy a good book, working on a project, staying home. If I need to shop, generally I'm on my own. Oh, I love shopping with my daughters when they are around, and I love a good flea market adventure. I have friends and I so enjoy their company, but I'm not a person that needs to be constantly busy with other people. I love going out to lunch and finding common interests with others but it's not a daily "have to" sort of thing. I'm comfortable with who I am. I'm content.

I have discussed this with several of my bloggy gal pals recently. I think blogging helps us to communicate and share our hearts. Face it, if you have 50 friends calling you every day, begging for you to go shopping, needing your decor advice, needing a lunch partner, you probably aren't one of us who finds great satisfaction in blogging. Can you relate?

When I started my other blog, Common Ground, I was amazed with the number of Christian women I was coming in contact with. There were so many of us out there, and I sensed, like in myself, many were not currently in a "fellowship" of any kind. OK, many were in "church", but didn't have a place where they could be around like minded women (and men for that matter). I've been in church many times where I felt totally and completely "alone".

In starting this Bible Study blog I wanted a place where we could come together and talk, study God's Word, share our hearts, maybe have a laugh along the way, ask for prayer, and generally know it was a safe place to communicate. And thanks to all of you who leave a comment, I feel we are getting there. So I DO encourage everyone that reads this, to just leave a comment, say what's on your heart, throw out an idea or to just let us know you are there. Just leave a comment that says "Hey, I'm here and I'm reading with you." That would be awesome. If each one of you just raised your hand and said "Here"!

We need you. If you read the comments you will find great testimonies, communication, questions, answers, but above all you will find "fellowship"; you will find others who may be going through the same things you are going through. You will hear God speak to you through other people and you will find huge blessings just waiting to be enjoyed. I know I do.

Having said all this brings me to this point, we cannot be "alone" in our faith. We need other people around us. We need friends who will be there for us to lift us up in prayer and to run thoughts and ideas by. How many times recently have I been in the middle of a conversation when "kaboom" God hits me with a totally new thought. He does things like that. We need to be happy and content with ourselves and Jesus, but wow, sometimes we need a friend or friends to see us through.

Moses, Aaron and Hur watching the battle.

Version: NAS

Exodus 17:10-13

10. And Joshua did as Moses told him, and fought against Amalek; and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill. 11. So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed. 12. But Moses' hands were heavy. Then they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it; and Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other. Thus his hands were steady until the sun set. 13. So Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword.

Let's link arms and hold each other up. Let's listen to one another, talk to one another, bless one another. Let's above all pray for one another, and then let's be vulnerable with one another.  Let's be "friends" in God's true sense of the word. Let's find "victory" in the battle, with our friends.

Below is the scripture that I want to use as a foundation for what is coming next. Jesus calls us His "friends". What kind of wonderful news is that?!!

Foundational Scripture
Version: NAS

John 15:9-17

9. "Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love. 10. "If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love; just as I have kept My Father's commandments, and abide in His love. 11. "These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you, and [that] your joy may be made full. 12. "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. 13. "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. 14. "You are My friends, if you do what I command you. 15. "No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you. 16. "You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit, and [that] your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask of the Father in My name, He may give to you. 17. "This I command you, that you love one another".

 I'll leave you with that for now. Verse 12 says it all; that we would love one another, just as Jesus loves us.

I'm so thankful that when I call you friend, when we call each other "friends", there is more to it than just being acquaintances. I'm looking for "friends in Jesus", how about you?

Love in Jesus,


  1. Hi Debra,

    Here! :)

    Good post! I'm a lot like you; while I enjoy get-togethers with friends very much, I also love being alone. I'm quite happy spending my days at home just getting stuff done!

    The balance of course, is we need one another. I believe God made us that way. And you're right--we need to be around people for God's love to be demonstrated.

  2. Debra, oh my, you could have written my life. I too am a loner and it drives some of my friends to distraction that I enjoy my alone time. They are on the go all the time and when I join up with them, I am frazzled when the day is over. That is just not me. I could spend a whole day sitting on the sand watching the waves or something equally relaxing, or puttering about the house doing things I like to do.
    I love blogging, because it is a "solitude" thing, but also enjoy the friends I meet online. Especially those sisters in Christ who lift my spirits when they are down.
    Thanks for being one of those "sisters!"

  3. You can count on me... and it looks like at this time about 58 others.
    I sent you an email.
    Lee...I tried to leave Debra, LOL

    Slaves speak when their spoken to or in a limited way. However, friends speak freely with respect of one another, not in memorized prayers over and over and over... if my friends spoke to me in verse the same thing every time, I would dump them... but not God.
    "His love endures forever" quoted from the Bible... what does it endure? US! When we begin to talk with Him as a friend our prayer life changes and remarkable things begin to happen. I cringe when I hear people start their prayers out by calling him "Master" not that he isn't all powerful but because it speaks volumes about their relationship with Him. I think if you want to be friends with God act like it. I envision Him sitting in the chair and I talk to HIM the creator of everything about my troubles, wants, children, husband, sick friends, church, goverment...everything, then I listen all day waiting to hear or see. What an awesome thing that He shows up to hear little olé me... What are your thoughts on this Debra?

  4. I so relate ! I can be just fine being at home working on projects , going shopping alone , I am not married ( divorced for 23 yrs) so there are times the being totally alone does get to be a little too much alone , but untill I come across Mr. Right !!! And I can also relate to the being in a church and also being alone , but I know that where ever Iam He is with me and He has sustained me & kept me in everything...good and bad!Thank you for sharing your heart , it is sometimes a hard thing to really do !

  5. Hey Julie, so glad your "Here!" I loved your post today, I can so relate. I need to look for the good in a situation, instead of frustration!
    Rose, yep, there are a lot of us "Lone Rangers" out there. Blogging is awesome and has filled a mighty big need in my life.
    Lee, love the portrait you painted about prayer. I talk alot but I also listen alot.
    I think He loves the fact that we are there in a one on one relationship. And I love the whole Master/slave analogy about our communication. Unfortunately so many people feet like they have to do the whole "lowered head, groveling" thing. That sure inhibits our relationship!
    And Hey Eunice, we can now start praying for your "Mr Right". Wow, this could be fun!!!

  6. I'm here! I'm here!!!

    (And I love being here with you!!!)

    I, like you, enjoy my alone time - and I enjoy my time with my son, in my home...in my sewing room (perhaps too much time in there? LOL) But, probably not for the same reasons...I am so shy it's almost laughable. The past two week-ends I have had such a blast meeting those who inspire me and I have to tell you - I was shaking like a leaf prior to both!!! But - oh Debra - thanks to my prayers and faith I got over it and jumped in with both feet (thank goodness - just think of what I could have missed and the friends I have made!)! One of the things that God blesses me with is confidence when he sees me struggling - I like that about him. I hope that doesn't sound crazy...well, I AM a lil' crazy. But - no worries!

    Feeling lonely in Church? Yes, many times. But, with my age comes a lil' bit of wisdom in this hard-head...if I sling my grin towards God and fellowship with him, the rest just....happens. I love knowing that he's walking alongside me (even when I'm doing something idiotic - he's probably walkin' with his head in his hands...)so that I'm not alone.

    I started blogging as a way to communicate all of the things that get stuck in my throat when I come face to face with new people... and believe it or not, this is one of the things yanking me out of my turtle shell - and I love it! So, thank you dear friend - can we please have dinner some time? You don't want me cooking it, but I'd sweet talk my Mama into making us some good food. LOL

    I'm thankful for you.

  7. Debra, your blog has been a blessing, I love visiting the Bible study blog, and reading all the wonderful discussions.

    I walk by faith not by site, and faith led me to your blog, and I am so glad it did.

    I loved reading more about you and your blog today thank you for sharing that. I think I am sort of a loner as well, sure I have family and friends but the alone time I have I spend with God and my thoughts and really ask for direction with my life, for I walk by faith, not by site.

    God bless you sweety, Happy Holidays

    (¸.•´ (¸.+´??¸.+´
    (¸.•´ (¸.+´? Heidi ?)

  8. Hi Debra!

    I'm here and I so enjoy this blog! Well, I have always said my whole life that I am a people person and I love to be around lots of people, but I feel like that has changed for me over the years and I am finding that I enjoy having more quiet time. I really am so happy to be a part of this group and I am so glad to call you my friend. Oh, and I have already made a new connection through the group with Fawn. I am hoping to get to know her better since it seems we have gone through some of the same things in life. Anway, I am so thankful!


  9. Errr, excuse me, am I talking to the same rowdy, hilarious, crazy, wild and hogalicious Robelyn? ha ha. Honey, I know. "Will the real Robelyn please stand up?" Praise God, I'm meeting the real you, but you know, I totally know what you are talking about. When I saw that picture of you that David took I thought to myself, there's alot there under all that red neck chic. Love you so MUCH!!
    Heidi, you are just the sweetest! How I love coming to your blog, You have a genuine sweetness of spirit about you, and over this last year I know God has blessed you mightily!
    And Adrienne, I'm so happy that this is a place that you can connect with others. A place where we can meet others who are where we are. Yeah!!! it's wonderful!

  10. I think I go through many phases in life...College I was all about friends all the time...Teaching-I LOVED people...then when my dauhter was born I HAD a lot of alone time my first year home & it was very nice...but I do think I am back to enjoying being surrounded by people again...I don't know if I will stay this way but I think it has to do with losing people in my life, that it makes me want to be with people I love as often as I can.

    I LOVE that passage about the boys holding Moses' arms up...I always have! Such an example for all of life! Glad to have read it today.

  11. Ms. Debra, please stay out of my head..lol. I'm here!! ( waving my arms in the air) I started blogging to pass time. When I was younger I was always on the move with this person or that person. Now that I am older..I put away childish things. I would prefer to stay at home and have some time for myself. My then girlfriends are not saved and I feel like the odd man out when I am with them. I have found,like you, many Christian women of faith here in bloggy land. It gives me a sense of peace to have so many women praying for me and my situation. I am the only person even close to my age at my church.. I always feel alone. I generally feel like I am always on the outside looking in.
    I love your blog- it always uplifts me when I need it the most.
    Be blessed.....Misty

  12. A lovely post Debra! Thank goodness for the friends that stand in the gap for us when we are unable to pray for ourselves.And Thank You, Debra, for bringing this remarkable group of women together.

  13. hello...just saw your blog a couple days ago and wanted to stop and say hi. i, too am a loner. a bit is by my choice...some is not. you see, i am a bit, no a lot shy. i have trouble talking to others i don't know well. i feel like i don't have anything interesting to say. don't have a quick sense of humor. i am the kind of person that i think of something to say later. much later. i love to be around people, but it is hard to call a girlfriend up to go shopping. what if they don't like going to flea markets. i started a blog awhile ago thinking that is would be easier to 'meet' friends. however, i still have a hard time posting. boy, i sound pitiful! sorry! i do go to a women's fellowship group that meets once a month. and i love it. i still don't talk much, but there is so much comfort knowing that the group of women and children of God. i feel content there. but there is alot of older, wiser women there. only a couple my age.

    well i have to say that i am thankful for this group... i am looking forward to studying God's word and becoming 'friends'

  14. Here! :-)

    I've come on here a few times thinking I might make a comment of substance. But it's not happening for me today, so I'm just glad there's a "here" option!

  15. Hi Everyone. Boy Debra, this group sure has grown! Isn't it exciting to see how the Lord has blessed us and brought us together through Debra? It's amazing, beautiful, so encouraging.

    I'd like to add someone to the prayer request list. Her name is KeKe. She is such a kind hearted old soul (young body). She's very loving and caring and a lovely blog friend. Unfortunately she suffers with dystonia. Dystonia is incurable and debilitating. Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes the muscles to contract and spasm involuntarily. The neurological mechanism that makes muscles relax when they are not in use does not function properly. Please keep this sweet angel in your prayers. You can visit her blog at http://cherrykingdom.blogspot.com/.
    Thanks everyone.

    Hugs to you all.
    Love, Tracy

  16. I'm here too! What an uplifting site! I have met so many totally stressed out people in the last few days. Even those that appear to have it under control, often times don't. Everyone needs a good dose of friendship! Those verses say it all! Love in 16, the part about being chosen...

  17. Libbie, you bring to mind about the seasons in our life, As we have our children, watch them grow up and move away, get to know our husbands all over again, and branch out to do other things that God calls us to do; they are all seasons. If we go through times of trauma and grief of losing loved ones, then that too causes a different dynamic in our lives. Each season has it's own priorities. As Julie said, finding the balance is key.
    Misty, having "friends" that are likeminded Christians is so important. We can't limit our friendships alone to those who are believers, but we do need strong spiritual support from our peers. You're not "outside" here Misty, we are with you and are praying for you and Angelique.
    Lisa, that is one of my hopes that through this place that we can truly be prayer support for those that need it.
    Alissa, I'm so glad you found us. I have been to your blog and it is lovely. You are a talented, charming, and warm young woman. I'm hoping you'll feel comfortable being here, and make friends within this group. Thank you for stepping out to leave a comment!
    Hey David, I'm so glad you said "Here". You aren't the only guy you know, my husband reads the blog, too. So don't feel uncomfortable. I don't want this just to be a "girls club". We need input from the fellas, too. Thanks for being there.
    Thanks Tracy dear, I'll put KeKe on the prayer list and link back to her.
    And Hi Kate (she's Libbie's sister), stress is such a killer. That has been an issue in my life, and one I'm having to trust God with. It sucks all the joy of life and God right out of us. And verse 16, He chooses and appoints us to go and bear fruit. I love it!
    Blessings, you all. love you.

  18. Raising my hand to say...here!
    I feel the same way as you :) Thank you so much for including my husband and I in your prayer requests. I'll be back often and I'm putting you on my other blog favs at Faith Folk. You can get there by going to http://faithfolk.blogspot.com
    Hope to see you.
    Much love and blessings,

  19. The first couple of paragraphs of this post describe me exactly (in much better words than I could string together:) I so love my alone time, puttering away the day, having time for cleaning and crafting, without any time constraints. I do enjoy my time with friends, but don't need it every day. Blogging has become a wonderful world to escape to for a bit every day. Lots of creativity, inspiration and encouragement to be found when you connect with likeminded folks. Glad to be HERE and will visit again. Thanks for dropping by my little corner of the world. Blessings, :) Tammy

  20. Hi D., Thank you for putting KeKe on the prayer list and stopping by to visit her. I know that she will appreciate it, I certainly do.

    Love you, Tracy :)

  21. Raising my hand and jumping high "HERE!!! I"M HERE TOOOOO!!" lol
    Debra, I am at a place in my life where I literally have become quite comfortable with myself. The struggles of youth have passed, I don't seek approval from any of my peers or parents anymore, I don't vie for attention, and I'm not into drama at all. I have come to 'enjoy' being 'me'!
    I'm a 'loner' in most ways too. Like you, I enjoy my time with my family and girlfriends - but I no longer 'live' for that time or need that constant social activity in my life.
    And since I work part time, and since I still enjoy the fellowship of women who's hearts are chasing after God's heart - what a double blessing it is to be able to bring my cup of coffee or tea into my home-office and read as God's handmaidens share their hearts while I share my own. And to be a part of a 'community' of believers who need and who give their time in support and prayer.
    Thank you my dear friend.
    Praying for each one here and for you as you discern and lead.
    - Hugs -

  22. Here as always, quietly reading, studying and paying close attention. Believe it or not, I can relate to Robelyn. I too am painfully shy, but when I was 18 I knew it was getting in the way of my growing. I force myself to put myself out there and be the "fool". Sometimes it is painful, other times easy. I love being around people, but I prefer being alone. I know, wacky, right? I started blogging because I could hide behind the screen and just be myself. I still seek approval from others...it's my Achilles heel. Knowing that others are struggling too doesn't make me feel better just more aware that I'm not alone in my weaknesses.

  23. Coming in from the snow to raise my hand and let you know I'm here too!
    P.S. Thanks so very much for the prayers~~
    Blessings, GG

  24. Dear Like-Minded People-

    Where have you been all of my life??? All in God's perfect timing, right?

    I crave being in my home, working on projects, blogging, reading, picking up paw paws and putting them in the basket.

    I want to be included, but I don't always want to go. (Is this too much information?)It has nothing to do with the ladies who invite, it has to do with me.

    God knows my insecurities.

    Blogging has bridged this gap. In fact, I don't buy into the idea that bloggers are anti-social- sitting in a dark room with the curtains drawn.

    I recently had a non-blogging friend ask me if this wouldn't lead to MORE isolation.

    I had to stop myself from shouting WOOHOO!

    How much more social could we get?

    God has given us all our heart's desire.


  25. Below is a comment that was left for me via email, I didn't see it until this evening, (I'm so sorry Rebecca) Please read this and know that she and her family and baby grandaughter need our prayer and agreement for healing.
    Rebecca, if you will send my your address or email address via my email I will mail you the list of healing scripture I have. God showed me all the scriptures for me to use every day to pray back to him and to help me gain confidence for healing.

    Dear Father we put you in charge of this sweet baby and we know you hear our prayers, We thank you that you are listening to the soft sounds of a baby breathing and you know she needs healing, not just "therapy" or temporary solutions, but complete healing. We are standing with Rebecca and her family now to see that accomplished and we thank you that you are fully capable and willing to do so.
    In Jesus Name,

    December 8, 2009 9:37 AM
    La Petit Maison de Spencer said...
    Hello Deb - I am new here and dont have an active blog but am a regular reader of many. I found your study on healing helpful and to be the same as I have learned in the past few years. I was raised in a Bible believing family, came to know the Lord as a young child and have had the priviledge of continual learning of Him as I am now in my 50's. My family and I are petitioning the Lord right now for my sweet little baby niece. My sisters daughter Lisa was 26 weeks pregnant and delivered a baby girl prematurely. She wasnt due until the end of January but had the baby on Oct. 20th. Annelise weighed just 2.4 lbs at birth. My neice and her husband are Believers and trust God with their lives and now the life of their baby. There have been many problems since her birth. The most pressing right now is the baby has 2 cysts on the frontal lobe of her brain - actual holes in her brain that are filled with blood and fluid. She will have these removed next week in 2 seperate surgeries. The doctors are telling us that Annelise has severe brain damage. Based upon the location, she should be able to learn to walk, talk, etc. but will have cognitive problems. We believe strongly that we should be praying for complete healing. We believe that God is good and kind, He is a loving father and wants us to ask Him for our needs. He is also merciful. We also believe that if He chooses NOT to heal Annelise, then we accept that knowing that He has a plan for her life that is outside of our current understanding. She belongs ultimately to Him. We are not wavering though. I believe He is going to heal her. I am not a fanatic or in denial. And I am not dictating to God what He should do. As a family we are humbly but boldly asking the Lord to heal this precious little baby. My husband, who is a strong, rugged guy, cries each time he thinks about her and prays for her. Its as though God wants to show us His Grace if we will just trust Him. Would you be so kind as to pray with us for Annelise? She has gained weight and grown in length. She is now 3.9 lbs. and 16" long. I call her my little cherub.

    Bless you Dear Sister and thank you for sharing Gods Word. They are indeed words of life.

    Rebecca S.

  26. Pam, Tammy(she lives in Kuwait), Tracy, Deb, Debbie, GG, and Laura. Thank you gals for raising your hands. Remember the old "Sure" deoderant commercial? "Raise your hand if you're sure" Oh My Gosh I just thought of it. I think we are all raising our hands because we are SURE! We are sure we need Our Heavenly Father to bless us, speak to us, and to anoint us to be involved in His work and in the lives of our "friends".

  27. Hi Debra!

    I am enjoying your blog and find it exciting to see so many other women who are close to Christ as well. I have been asking God this past year or so for some fun, Christian friends and it has been slow. God has taken some friends out of my life....He has ended friendships that was very painful to go through, but I believe (now) that God does for us that we cannot do for ourselves. I believe that some of these friendships came to an abrupt end (against my will) because now I see that having those women closely involved in my life would have hindered my growth towards God. I have always been a Christian, but only recently (last 2 years) have I sincerely sought Him out and wanted to really know Him. I can relate to Debie, Talkin Trash about wanting other's approval....I never actually sought it from others, but I did allow other people agendas influence me too much and now that has stopped. I still fall prey to that at times, but not nearly as much. I also (in the past) never really found any "fun" Christian women - meaning, my perception was always I didn't fit in with them and I couldn't be my true self. And then, with my new walk, I felt like I don't always fit in with other people. And now? Now, I am finding much more happiness in just pleasing God and letting all the other "stuff" be left alone for Him to handle. As a result, I have distance myself from those who don't bring me joy or peace. I speak up much more clearly and strongly about my gratitude and love for Jesus and I decided that if what I say or do doesn't "sit right" with others then those are people I don't want to spend a lot of time with anyway. And like you, I LOVE to spend a lot of time on my own. As much as people may see me as social, I am very happy and content being on my own. I love my own company. I think that we women (bloggers and blog readers) aren't "hiding" from the world nor are we lonely, but rather, we are probably more comfortable in our own skin than most and that is a good thing. Being happy with one's own company is pretty darn good. Like you, I like being alone, and I don't find myself lonely. And I am glad God is putting Godly women into my life. God does listen. I have asked for Godly women and He is providing. I just think He needed to do some "house cleaning" with me first (got rid of some people who didn't allow me to be me) and He opened my heart up a little more. He is good isn't He?

    Okay, blabbed way too much and I have to get to bed! May God continue to bless you, and all the readers and may He continue to give us all what we need to help us grow closer to Him.


  28. Hello and good morning my dear friend Debra and all who congregate here on the steps of something new and wonderful!
    I have been away from this blog for a short bit...but as tears fill my eyes...
    making it difficult to type...
    I am so glad I found my way back...
    I am so very glad to see all of you wonderful, dear souls...seeking out others like ourselves.

    I have been so down and blue...didn't want to burden you, especially when there are so many real issues that need prayer and attending to.

    After reading the last few posts...
    And all the wonderful comments...
    I feel much better, I actually feel like maybe being a hermit of sorts isn't always such a good thing.(that I need to be here for others...and by doing so...I feel better)

    I am praying for all of us...to continue to gather here...
    To be here for one another in ways that non-believers cannot understand.

    I have told you before Miss Debra...This was a God send...I am so glad He put this little blog on your heart!
    Thank you for blessing me today...
    love ya...donna

  29. Morning Debra! Just wanted you to know that I'm loving your new Bible study blog. It's a great connection with others.

    I wouldn't say that I'm a loner but I don't have the need to go out and be with others every day. Make sense? I will also say that we attend a pretty large church...but have wonderful connections in our Sunday School class. It would be wonderful if everyone could know the kind of connection that we have in our class. We have never lived in the same state as our family and knowing that we have this care group is important to us. We've never had to call on them for help but I know they would do anything for us.

  30. Hi Debra. I wanted to leave Rebecca a message here since she doesn't have a blog.

    Rebecca. I'm so happy you've joined us. I will be praying for your sweet new neice Annelise, your sister Lisa and all your family. I'm happy to hear that she has gained weight. May God be with you all and warm you with his comfort.

    Love & Hugs, Tracy

  31. Hi Elizabeth, glad you chimed in, We all love hearing from you, it's amazing isn't it that when we ask God to be in charge, He starts moving things around, including friendships and relationships. He has a way to put us with exactly who He wants us to be with. I hope you'll consider yourself part of the group!
    I know your life has changed alot in the last few years, but as I've read your blog for these last couple of years I've seen you grow, expand and sprout wings. Yes, God is so good!
    Donna, you've had some difficult times these last few months and your life has been so busy, I'm glad you're back, stick around, we all love you and are here for you.
    Stacy, Small groups, like Sunday School, can produce such wonderful friendships. Especially if you don't have family close by. I'm so glad you have them. I'm so glad that your're here, you can never have too many "friends"!
    And Tracy, loved our conversation, and thank you for praying for Annalise and sending your love to Rebecca.
    We're growing, Praise the Lord!

  32. Debra,
    I am still here! I jotted down all the scripture last week and wanted to spend some more time in it before commenting. I have still been in prayer for my daughters this past week. God has placed a word in my heart that keeps cropping up during that time and I have been trying to find exactly how I am suppose to use it in my prayer time. The word is "peace" and I think after having it hanging around in my mind for a couple of days he is telling me I need to pray for peace in their families and their minds. It would take a very long post to explain all that it covers. But I do want to let you all know how I do enjoy all of you and your blogs and comments. We moved two years ago an hour away from where I lived for almost 30 years. I have not found a home church yet although I have gone to a couple of different ones in the area. My closest friends also live 1 - 2 hours away. So I have enjoyed communicating with all of my new friends I have met through blogging. As Stacy said it is good to have a connection with others that helps you through life struggles and joys.

  33. very well said and a great theme! :D

    yapping cat

  34. Hey Debra,
    I try to check in a couple times a week right now as it is a very busy time for me.
    I have always had a handful of close friends but not high maintenance friends...because I am off doing a thousand things at once and I need friends that can pick up where we left off and be happy with that. With 5 girls we are always doing something together so it is hard to fit all that in sometimes. Plus I like being in my studio and that is just me and the Lord not to mention being at the shop 6 days a week...but I do not have fellowship outside of my family. This is one wonderful surprise I have found blogging, that there are so many woman that love the Lord and aren't afraid to write about it. It has been an answer to prayer! Women that have the same interests and that love the Lord....what a blessing this has been. I mentioned I do not go to church and that is only because I havne't found a church that preaches the real gospel of Christ so rather than sit there getting discouraged I choose not to go. Thank you Debra for this opportunity to listen and share.

  35. I am certainly here, but I confess that I'm one of those who have been reading and yet have been lax on commenting. That's not true fellowship, if I'm taking and taking and giving nothing back, so here I am!

    What an incredible group of folks you're assembling here, wow! But than, we know it's not you that called us, right Deb? ;-)

    I am an only child, so I can relate to feeling quite content with my own company. But too much navel gazing does little to soften my rough edges and suppress my selfish tendencies...I *need* all of you! I belong to an amazing Church with good, devout people, but I need what I find here amongst all of you, too.

    I love you, Debra, I hope you know that!
    Sweet dreams,


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