Friday, November 13, 2009

My alarm clock is ringing...

Do you ever get a sense of urgency from the Lord? One day it's an idea or a concept, and then all of the sudden there is a fire burning under you to do something! Well, this afternoon it happened again.

About  four years ago God gave me a Bible Study on "Healing". He totally "downloaded" it into my spirit. When I started this blog a month ago, I knew I wanted, and probably would at some point, follow what He had given me in writing posts from it. I saw it as starting after the New Year, when we all have more time and are in the "resolution mode".

I have been following Melanie at Bella Mella for a short while, and praying for her son, Andrew. Today Melanie left a comment and joined in as a follower. Her response was the match that lit the fire.

When I had the first round of heart attacks seven years ago, God had me start "collecting" healing scripture, and then building on the list. It has grown and grown, and with each new scripture I have received an ever expanding revelation of the Trinity, God's deep love for us, and His goodness.

I was fighting for my life, and even recently the Lord reminded me I need to read and speak these scriptures out over my life and physical body daily.

So today please join me and many others in praying for Andrew, be sure and go by Melanie's blog to find out more about her wonderful family and their strong faith...and then pray for them.

I will continue focusing on Mary for another post or two. Then I'm not sure where the Holy Spirit is leading.

I have wanted to start a prayer focus, so I will try to do that for now, by just posting on my sidebar a copy of your email or comment. If any of you are battling an illness, or know someone who is... or just want to have a better picture of how God feels about our physical well-being, just email me. I will send you a copy of the healing scripture list. I will start listing them on this blog, starting at the beginning.

This feels good and right, l will stick with the continuing Bible Study. Mary's life and calling is such a deep well to explore, if you haven't read the other posts on her please do.

I feel that God is wrapping His arms around each of us and can use us for His purposes, together. 

Please look up this scripture in your own Bible for a more complete understanding and word from God.

1.) Exodus 15:25-26 "...for I AM the LORD who heals you."   Jehovah Rapha



  1. Praise God! I'm so glad you are doing this. I'll be checking back for the healing scriptures.

  2. You lead Miss Debra-
    I will follow.


  3. Debbie, this is the first time I read your Bible Study. May God Bless you with it. sandi


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